Theodore Bouloukos

Theodore Bouloukos's work encompasses principal roles in independent narrative cinema, premiering at Sundance, SXSW, Rotterdam, Berlin, and Tribeca; and in project collaborations with numerous established visual artists working in video, voice, painting, sculpture, photography, and live performance. He is an alumnus of The Albany Academy and Columbia University.

Victoria Guthrie

Victoria came to NYC at 18yrs of age to study fashion design at FIT and she soon found herself traveling abroad on modeling assignments. In recent years she has returned to her original passion, acting. Victoria has appeared in over 100 films and commercials and Off Broadway including Batter Up (2009),The Park (2010) and The Festival (2010).


Zack Gafin

Zack regularly takes part in theater and improv around New York City, and has previously appeared in numerous TV and film projects including Morning, Glitter and Gold, and His Man. Zack is represented by the Andreadis Talent Agency. 

Ingrid Vollset

Ingrid Vollset was born in Los Angeles and moved to Norway at an early age. Upon finishing high school she moved to Paris where she began studying theater at Acting International. After moving to New York she studied at the William Esper Studio and has appeared in My Hypnotic Beyond (2015), and Uncommitted (2015) among other projects.

Will Cooper

Will Cooper is an actor, singer, and improviser based in New York. Will regularly takes part in theater and improv performances, including Eros & Psyche, and Follow Your Bliss. Among his film projects Will has appeared in The Art Thieves LLC, Birthday Crashers, and That Friend You Hate.

Pascal Yen-Pfister

Pascal Yen-Pfister originally came to New York from France, and he has since established himself through a long list of film appearances including Arthur (2011), Identical (2012) and The A.R.K. Report (2013). Pascal is also a writer and filmmaker in his own right.

Jacob Berger

Jacob has appeared in many movies, television and theater productions, including the Showtime Film winner Shameless, Teen Wolf of Wallstreet, Margarita with a Straw, Broken Angels, and Campus Life.

Jason Zednick

Jason lives and works in New York City, and is currently taking classes with Emily Fletcher at Anthony Meindl's Actor Workshop. Jason has appeared in numerous film projects including GasmaskAnomaly, and Temporary People

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